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    Sales Executive
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  • 工作介绍 :
    1.      Responsible for planning and clear the company's target customer object, the collection and analysis of customer data;
    2.      The development of new customers, to understand customers’ needs by telephone communication, to seek sales opportunities;
    3.      To complete the sales targets according to the overall sales strategy and objectives;
    4.      To understand the various needs of customers, coordination of internal resources, improve customer satisfaction, to complete the established sales tasks.
    5.      Sigh sale contract, timely collection of funds to ensure that funds return.
    6.      Management and maintenance of customer relations.
    7.      To complete the relevant sales reports and timely reporting.
    1.      Secondary and above, more than 1 year sales experience;
    2.      With strong ability of express and communication skills, with strong self - learning ability;
    3.      With good adaptability and excellent psychological quality, able to withstand a certain degree of work pressure;
    4.      Love sales, willing to take challenges, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, with good adaptability.
    The salary benefits:
    1.      Salary: the basic salary of 3000 ~ 5000 yuan / month + commission + year-end awards;
    2.      Welfare: social security + meal supplement + legal holiday + five insurance + birthday fee + holiday gifts or gifts (such as the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, etc.) + medical expenses reimbursement + condolence gold + 2 times a year large-scale activities, occasional small activities
    3.      Training: technology research and development, professional quality, operational skills, management, sales, financial management, etc.
    4.      Promotion channel: salesman → senior sales → product manager → regional manager → department manager → department director.
    The workplace and the environment
    Address: Room 1604, 1605, Office Building 2, NO. 383, Panyu North Avenue, Panyu, Guangzhou,China
    Tel: 020-34826856
    E-mail: 2850368365@qq.com
    The company is located in the CBD of Panyu, near subway line 7
    Product: Micro Thermal Protectors (Temperature Control Switches)
    Our mission: Supply our customers reliable products, make our customers' products more secure, let human's life more safe.
    Our vision: Become a leader of micro thermal protector, accomplish a kingdom of security components.
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