2013.11 The world's largest creep-action thermostat manufactu

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In August 2013, Mr. Brandon, the CEO of PEPI in USA, and Mr. Kenneth, the general manager of PEPI in Asia, paid a visit to our company in the hot weather and discussed the cooperation. This is the second time Mr. Brandon came to our company since December, 2012. After two hours’ friendly negotiation, we came to strategic cooperation agreement as follow: 1.PEPI company as our authorized distributor in North America, distributing ST01 series thermal protector of our production; 2. PEPI authorized Saftty as distributor in Chinese region, distributing all of the products under PEPI. Through this strategic cooperation, we can gain complementary advantage and further improve the product lines of both sides, making our products more competitive in our own markets.

PEPI was founded in 1963 in Freedom Ave, North Canton, Ohio, Mr. Brandon Wehl is the third generation of the Wehl family to guide the company. PEPI company has the monopoly position in the production line of Creep Action thermal controls, almost occupied 80% market share in this field. In recent years, PEPI company constantly improve product line through acquisitions and OEM, to be the world's largest manufacturer of creep-action thermostat, the second largest manufacturer of thermal protector in North America. Through this cooperation, the ST01 series products of our company will make up for PEPI product line of snap-action small size thermal protector, enabling PEPI to cope with competition with German products in North America market, to meet the diversified needs of the customers.

Saftty was founded in 1999, from the early electronic components distributor gradually developed into thermal protector manufacturers which combined by industry and trade and focused on research and development. At present, saftty has two production bases in Yangzhou and Guangzhou, the amount of production and sales of various kinds protector more than 30 million every year. Saftty will spend 8% of sales each year on the research and development for new products and the improvement of the old products. Saftty has gained more than 10 national invention and utility model patents, research and development for 3-4 new products each year, especially good at the design of high precision micro products, the thickness of ST03 series is only 1.5 mm, which has the minimum size in the worldwide market. Saftty has become a member of National Standard Authority of household automatic controller, participating in writing and formulating industrial national standard. This cooperation also has further made up the product line of slow acting products of Saftty, to meet the needs of customers better.

The strategic cooperation also involved sales right for ST03 new series in the North American, participation in the exhibition together in the United States in 2014, UL certification sharing and so on.