2014.08 SAFTTY Sixth Anniversary Celebration

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   Aug.29 2014, all SAFTTY staff celebrated the sixth anniversary of Saftty’s establishment with our business partners at Xiangjiang Hotel, Guangzhou.
      SAFTTY was founded on Aug.29 2008, six years until now! With effort and fighting, Saftty really did a very good job. As a thermal protector manufacturer who enjoys a good reputation both overseas and domestic, Saffty keep growing in this six years, becoming a manufacturer from a trade company and our performance are better and better every year.
     SAFTTY will keep upholding the idea of development and innovation. SAFTTY moves to end a monopoly on high-end products of German manufacturers. We aim to develop 2 to 3 new products each years, to offer better and more reliable products to our customers.