2014.09 ISO9001 started by SAFTTY

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  At the afternoon of Aug. 28th, Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Limited had a meeting of ISO9001(International Organization for Standardization) at Guangzhou Factory. It means that ISO9001 started by Saftty.
    Jarvis, our general manager, department managers and other staff took part in the meeting. Jarvis pointed out the benefit of ISO9001 and why we need to push ISO9001. What’s more, learning ISO, pushing ISO is more important than get ISO approval. It would be helpful to upgrade Saftty.
     In order to let us learn ISO9001 better, Jarvis hire an advisor-Mr Liu. Mr Liu will give us a lesson once a week. Everyone was listening carefully, and we all preview and review for the class.
    Our QC Manager, Mr Jing who is in charge of ISO9001 project, keep all in order as planned. We are confidence enough to pass the ISO9001 approval.