2016.05 Yangzhou Factory Expansion and Relocation

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Good governance, innovation, excellence, cast brand.
Since the establishment of our company since 2008, step by step, we have made good results in the development, production and sales of temperature control switches, thermal protector; With excellent quality products, careful quality service, high cost, we won the Secretary for a large number of new and old customers’ agreement; Our product tentacles have been extended to Europe, Asia, the United States, with a certain influence; At present, the market share is still expanding. In order to meet the rising needs of business and provide better service to customers, we expand the scale of production, and the Yangzhou factory moved to a spacious, bright new plant, covering 1,600 square meters in April 2016. There is an automated production line, and will also introduce a new one in June, when the production capacity will be doubled.
Look at the present, we are smug; looking ahead of the future, we are full of pride.
We are here to thank customers, suppliers and partners who give us support and affirmation for a long time. May we make common progress and common development!