NTC Series Thermistor--Epoxy Cover

    High resistance accuracy Small size,fast response Good stability and high reliability Good quality of coherence and interchange Leads customized upon request 
    Eletrical tools 
    Lithium battery pack 
    Swithing power supply
    Household appliances
    Smart home
    Automobile electronic
    Electric thermonmeter


Main Techno-Parameter:
The range of resistance under the rated zero power(R25):0.1~1000KΩ
The allowable tolerance of R25: ±1%、±2%、±3%、±5%、±10%
The range of B Value(B25/50): 3100~4500K
The allowable tolerance of (Label by requirement)B value: ±1%、±2%、±3%、±5%、±10%
Dissipation factor:≥0.9mW/℃(In still air)
Thermal time constant: ≤15S(In still air)
The range of operating temperature: -40℃~+125℃


① Code of SAFTTY
② NTC: Negative temperature coefficient thermistor;S:Temperature sensor
③ Rated resistance at 25°C zero power resistance with unit ohm (Ω) The first two digits indicate the significant number of resistance values, and the third digit indicates the number of subsequent zeros
④ Resistance tolerance code: F±1%,G±2%,H±3%,J±5%,K±10%
⑤ Code of B value: B1 for 25/50; B2 for 25/85
⑥ B value: 3435 for 3435K
⑦ The allowable tolerance of B value: F±1%,G±2%,H±3%,J±5%,K±10%
⑧ Different capsulation: 01 for epoxy cover; 02 for chip in glass;03 for glass shell;04 for others
⑨ Different exterior structure and size codes: A-lead is tinned copper wire or tinned copper clad steel wire;B-lead is electronic wire;C-lead is enameled wire;D-other material lead
⑩ Length: 050 for that the total length of the product is 50mm