ST01 series Thermal Protector

    ST01 series

    1. First China-made round shape thermal protector got UL and TUV certified and broke 30 years’ monopoly of Germany protectors.

    2. Good sealed, can prevent product failure from vacuum impregnation process.

    3. Small size, suitable to be embedded inside coil.
    4. Metal case, up to 50KG coil shaping pressure, has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitive.

    5. Pure temperature action type products, bimetal-discwithout current and heat effect, accurate temperature control. 

    APPLICATION:1.  Motor   2. Transformers   3. Coils   4. Electronics, sensor

    Integration of resources:
    1. Integration of global supply chain resources, we buy bimetal-disc from the world’s largest bimetal-disc material manufacturer EMS in the United States and case from German supplier who uses stamping forming technology.

    2. Spring which material comes from NGK Japan and manufactured by Japanese stamping supplier.
    3. Silver plating technology on case and spring which greatly reduces the contact resistance.
    4. The key component bimetal-disc produced by fully automated molding equipment and sorted by tunnel oven separation equipment is good consistency and stable performance.